How to Use LinkedIn to Get Clients

Want us to help you turn your LinkedIn activity into repeatable, consistent leads from your ideal client?

​Imagine your brain being fried...because you’ve got more leads than you handle. 🙌⁠

​Better that than the brain feeling stress and worry from not knowing where the next client is coming from. ⁠

​OK…WE ARE NOT TALKING MAGIC PILLS... It doesn’t happen overnight.

​It takes WORK and the CLARITY of your brand, your ideal clients, and the RIGHT community-building strategy to get leads and sales.

​However, getting leads from LinkedIn doesn’t have to be:⁠

​❌ Spammy: You don’t need to blast the same message to everyone.

​⁠❌ Time Waster: Spending hours being busy with everyone who is never going to invest in your products/ services.

​⁠❌ Miserable: Where you spend hours doing trials and errors to find something that works.

​Hundreds and hundreds of people have been through our 9P Influencer blueprint...it really does work. 💓

​Who here knows that …

​LinkedIn is one of the most underrated social media platforms?

​When we speak to people who are in businesses- they might be factory owners, B2C retailers, startups, yoga teachers, or even makeup artist, they don't think about LinkedIn as an option. ⁠

​They think about Facebook groups, Facebook ads, billboards, local papers...and it kind of blows our mind. 🤷🏼‍♀️⁠

​Think about it… The biggest opportunity on LinkedIn is that you can network with many professionals both locally, and globally. It works for all no matter if you’re a big business, a freelancer, or a B2C business owner.


​There’s a big difference between being on LinkedIn and using it. LinkedIn can be used for so many things beyond hosting your resume or consuming content.

​In this webinar, we will teach you the 3 key methods to generating leads:

​💢 Position your authority and expert in a niche that speaks to your ideal clients
​💢 Grow an ecosystem that cultivates engaging community using content attraction strategy
​💢 Convert leads with the ROR touchpoint formula

​If you are not doing this, you'll never be able to generate leads consistently for your business.

You're in the right place if ...

​(A) You want the CLARITY: You know you are capable of being an authority in your industry. You wish that you had a better idea of your brand and positioning, and who you want to help.

​(B) You want the ROADMAP: You have been researching and trying to figure out how to make this work for you but isn't clear what the A-Z looks like to getting there.

​(C) You want to leverage LINKEDIN: You KNOW LinkedIn is a fertile ground for you to build your authority, generate sales leads, add ideal clients, and increase revenue for your business

​Bottom line: LinkedIn is the single best way to generate the most qualified sales leads.

​Your LinkedIn could be your most trusted leads and sales generation machine.

​Can you imagine what would happen if you short-change your efforts as you build it?

​🧐 Are you ready to find out what you need to do to stand out on LinkedIn and position yourself as the go-to expert? ⁠

​🧐 ⁠Are you ready to put in the work to get a steady stream of leads coming to you instead of the other way around?⁠

​Wanna find out the ways to find clients and build engaging audiences that convert to sales?

​Save your spot now.

​P/S: We’re talking about stuff you won’t find in any business textbook, but it’s our process and it’s how we grew our business.⁠

​And they work for ANY business. 🥰🥰⁠
Sat May 1, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM MYT
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